Johnson & Johnson – Baby Bedtime Bath


I’m such a big fan of Johnson and Johnson baby bedtime bath, and have been using it for several years now. I’ve used it since my little one was born; so he moved from the newborn stage, to the toddler stage, to the little boy stage, always smelling delicious after a bath. Continue reading Johnson & Johnson – Baby Bedtime Bath


Johnson & Johnson – Baby Bedtime Lotion


J&J Baby bedtime lotion

Most baby products smell amazing, but this bedtime lotion has my toddler asking for more. Every single time. And not just at bedtime either! For her morning nappy change, we climb on to the change table and before I can even lie her down, she’s reaching into the drawer saying ‘more’. So we lather up. Continue reading Johnson & Johnson – Baby Bedtime Lotion

Fertile Mind – Super Sleep bra



I didn’t have a sleep bra as such, for my first pregnancy. But I’m glad I have one this time around. Although ironically, at 34 weeks pregnant I’m not actually getting any sleep, I’m certainly a lot more comfortable. I was using some singlets with the support bra in them but this sleep bra is just so much better. I’m looking forward to being able to do all my night feeds in this as it’s so flexible, and there is also enough room to put breast pads in for any milk leakages. Continue reading Fertile Mind – Super Sleep bra

EasiYo – Yoghurt Maker


1kgMaker_Jar resized

The yoghurt maker is such a simple design and so easy to use. All you do is mix the packet with some water and stand in hot water essentially. It’s the canister that does all the hard work. I’ve been making it at night so that in the morning I have a fresh tub of yoghurt. And once it’s made, it stays in the same tub so you don’t have to worry about transferring it for storage; it just goes straight in the fridge. And while I’m on storage, the canister is only about the height of a loaf of bread, so it’s no trouble to find a spot for it when it’s not being used, and the storage tub is safe for the dishwasher. Continue reading EasiYo – Yoghurt Maker