NZMUMS Facebook group guidelines

Group guidelines

The NZMUMS Facebook group is a community for New Zealand-based mums of all ages, sizes, races and beliefs.

You can connect with other mums, ask questions, seek advice, share some insider knowledge and basically help and support one another. 

This group only works if everyone sticks to the guidelines. They have been out in place to protect our members and ensure that everyone has a positive experience.

If you see any posts that don’t adhere to the guidelines, please report it via the ‘Report To Admin’ option (there is a small down arrow to the right of the post). If you’ve had a post removed, it is most likely because it doesn’t adhere to the Group Guidelines below. Please don’t be personally offended.

The admin team reserves the right to remove any members at any time without warning should they deem it necessary.


Be nice. Think about what you’re posting. Use common sense.

Do not be rude, nasty or engage in bullying – admin team reserves the right to remove any members without warning should they deem it necessary.

Please also note that members posting inflammatory comments/posts and purposely inciting disharmony within in the group will be removed.  If you feel anyone is being inappropriate please report it via the ‘Report To Admin’ option (there is a small down arrow to the right of the post).

More often than not, rant-style posts and political posts don’t always go well and generally bring negativity into the group, so give some thought to whether you really want to post it. Consider if your post is more appropriate for your personal Facebook page.

Stick to the topic. Stick to the topic or question that the poster has asked. Do not hijack posts by providing information or comments they have not asked for.

Show respect and don’t share content. NZMUMS is a supportive and closed community and membership is a privilege we all enjoy. People post personal and intimate information both anonymously and openly. We would appreciate people respect the privacy of the members and the group. Therefore, if it is determined that people are using information gleaned from the group to poke fun at other members or damage the name of the group in general, be it on Facebook, in another group or even on a blog/website, you will be removed.

Don’t post negative comments about local businesses, services or individuals where that business, service or individual is clearly identified. One of the great things about NZMUMS is the ability to get lots of great recommendations for childcare, preschools, schools, classes, mechanics, supermarkets, cleaners, plumbers etc. If you’ve had a bad experience, it can be tempting to post a negative review – however this can have terrible consequences for the business and generally has a negative impact on the group. We may remove any posts that could be considered defamatory. In addition, do not use this group to seek revenge or ‘have a go’ at an individual that is either a member of this group or the general public. We do not allow any photos, videos or posts that identify an individual in a negative situation.

Don’t Private Message people unless they ask you to. Members should not be contacting other members unless they ask you to message them. This includes sending unsolicited private messages to members of NZMUMS about your business, your husband’s or friend’s business etc. Members who directly spam people will be removed from the group without warning. If you receive unsolicited messages, please notify admin ASAP.

Please don’t use this site to advertise your business. There is no free advertising in this group and no business night. However please feel free to recommend your business if someone asks for a service directly in your line of business. Discreet business posts will be deleted. This includes posting photos of something you are proud of but are in the business of selling, thanking those that use your product or service and asking for opinions about something you sell. Posts where you are offering your services or the services of another in exchange for a fee are not allowed (e.g. nannying, babysitting, tutoring, dog walking). Posts inviting members to a function, event or catch up which result in a member being sold a product (including Isagenix, Herbalife, Tupperware, Nutrimetics and other such products) are not allowed.

Please don’t post items for sale. There are other groups specifically for this.

Medical advice. Although we encourage open discussion, when topics are of potential medical conditions, please remember that advice and opinions given on this page should NEVER replace the recommendations of qualified medical practitioners nor be sought instead of a professional consultation. If you are concerned about your child’s health please seek medical advice.


Other information – your post may be deleted if it relates to one of the following:

“Photos of nude or partially nude children” are not to be shared on NZMUMS. We will use our discretion in deleting those photos that we feel breach this guideline.

“Vote for X” – please don’t ask members to vote for you in a competition including baby competitions.

Real estate – no posts about selling or leasing your property.

Requests for money or donation of goods – no posts requesting donations of money or goods. If you or a friend are experiencing hardship please contact Admin and we’ll assist if we can.

Charities – if you are raising money for a charity you must contact Admin prior to posting. Posts may be allowed, however your fundraising activity must link to directly to a registered charity (funds can’t be collected by a third party).

Jobs – If you would like to advertise about jobs available please contact admin.

Events – All events including markets, fairs, fetes are to be added to the calendar on and not posted in the group. This is easy to do and is free.

Facebook groups and Facebook pages – please don’t advertise your Facebook group or Facebook page on Hills District Mums.

If you are a blogger, writer or journalist, it is not acceptable to use posts from the Facebook group as the basis of an article. This applies to both professional and amateur writers. If you would like to write a story, you must first request permission by emailing the admin of the group at If approved, you must also obtain permission from the members involved before using quotes from the group. Names should never be used, unless permission has been given. Journalists who do not respect people’s right to privacy will be removed from the group immediately.

Likewise, if you are looking for people for a story, you are not permitted to post a request in the group. You must email the details to admin and, if appropriate, we will post on your behalf.


NZMUMS is a ‘Closed’ group, which means that people either need to be added by an existing member or they need to ask to join. Anyone on Facebook can see the group name and members, but only group members can see posts in the group. Please keep in mind that it is likely that someone you know, or who knows you, is reading your post or comment.

This group was created in 2016. If you have friends who might be interested in joining, simply click ‘Add Friends to Group’ in the top right corner of the group.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to post them on this page or send us a private message.

Thanks again for joining and welcome!


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