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What can I say? I’m camera-shy when someone else has control. Put a camera in my own hands though – and I’m a bit of a junkie. Selfie-queen,  photo-nazi, whatever you want to call it. That’s me. Continue reading Halocase


Uniden – Baby Watch Monitor

If there was ever a monitor that had everything in one little package – this is it. As a parent, it’s useful to have eyes on your kids for their safety, and your sanity, but I’ve never considered spending a fortune on a monitor necessary. This one though, really does take the cake in terms of value as it’s packed full of features. Continue reading Uniden – Baby Watch Monitor

Klean Kanteen – Vacuum Insulated Classic Flask 20oz

I was excited to try this product. I am trying to be more healthy and know that I should drink more water but sometimes I am a bit lazy. In the past if I try to take water with me I usually reuse a plastic water bottle but if I’m in the car I’m aware that leaving it in the heat can affect both the temperature and the plastic itself causing nasty chemicals to leach into the liquid. So I have to remember to take an esky to not only keep it cold but to also keep it away from the sun and heat. This then requires an effort to unearth it when I need to use it or I completely forget it’s there. Continue reading Klean Kanteen – Vacuum Insulated Classic Flask 20oz

Avila – Yoga socks

I’ve been dabbling in yoga/pilates/yogalates, you name it, for over 15 years. From  classes at the gym, private studios, classes offered through work and at home videos;  as a result I’m far from being a flexible and elastic expert – more like someone who enjoys the practice but is bound to injure themselves from not being in the correct pose from time to time. I love the time and headspace the practice gives me and especially the meditation part at the end; always a nice pick me up in the middle or end of the day. Continue reading Avila – Yoga socks