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The importance of being Mum

By Heather Woods

As you wake up to celebrate on this special Mothers Day, it’s important to keep a few things in mind to really understand the importance of the day. Continue reading The importance of being Mum


Today kicked my butt

By Heather Woods

Today kicked my butt. And I mean really kicked. my. butt.

It started at 5.40am when the same council workers that had been there at 10pm, arrived and started their day of work outside my home. This alerted the dog who deemed it necessary to tell the whole neighbourhood there was strangers afoot! As you might imagine, loud dogs wake babies. In this case, my two. Continue reading Today kicked my butt

The Thought Express

By Heather Woods

If I was able to count them, I think I’d easily hit 4000 thoughts running through my mind at any given time? I’m no scientist, and they’d probably tell me that the real number is much much higher (given the complexity of the brain and the amount of data it processes) – but it can’t be just me, right? I think if there was a marathon for thinking,  I would definitely be in the running (see what I did there?) for a medal. Continue reading The Thought Express