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New year, new shoes!

By Heather Woods

Nothing makes me feel better than the purchase of new shoes. It used to be some sexy black pumps that I envisaged wearing out to dinner or some sparkly stiletto’s that caught my eye as I daydreamed of cocktails overlooking the harbour. Continue reading New year, new shoes!


Reclaiming me: Balancing social life with parenthood

By Heather Woods

It occurred to me once my daughter was born, just how reclusive I’d become during my pregnancy. Pregnancy hadn’t been easy for me. In fact just getting pregnant was a mission in itself, given all the emotions of an IVF journey. So once I got home from the hospital and adjusted to my new life, I could see how the balance of social versus family life had shifted dramatically and exactly how little contact I’d had with my closest friends over the past 12 months or so. I then felt like the worst friend in the world. Continue reading Reclaiming me: Balancing social life with parenthood

Breastfeeding made me feel alone

By Heather Woods

I’ve had a relatively easy run when it comes to breastfeeding but to be honest, I was dreading it! I was terrified of having to expose my uh, relatively large lady lumps in public, assuming that it was expected of me in order to be what is deemed a ‘natural’ mother. I’d struggled with the smell of anything dairy during my morning sickness as well, and the thought of smelling like that for the duration I chose to feed gave me another reason to consider formula and bottle feeding. And plus, wouldn’t it hurt? Continue reading Breastfeeding made me feel alone

Who checks on the dads?

By Heather Woods

There’s 168 hours in a week. 56 of those are spent sleeping if we’re lucky and about 10 commuting to and from work. I spend the rest wondering how I’ll have time to get everything done, and boy is the list long! Waking up and readying myself, packing the baby’s bag for daycare including her bottles that were sterilized the night before, waking baby for breastfeed, change nappy and dress her ready to leave by 6.45am. Continue reading Who checks on the dads?