Today kicked my butt

By Heather Woods

Today kicked my butt. And I mean really kicked. my. butt.

It started at 5.40am when the same council workers that had been there at 10pm, arrived and started their day of work outside my home. This alerted the dog who deemed it necessary to tell the whole neighbourhood there was strangers afoot! As you might imagine, loud dogs wake babies. In this case, my two.

I’ve been pooped on (twice), pee’d on, thrown up on (again, twice), painted on and scraped mashed potato off my leg.

I may have forgotten deodorant in all the excitement and that, combined with 30+ degree heat and a few sunscreen applications, makes for a smell I’m not quite sure I’ve ever smelt before. There may or may not have been some light bladder leakage as well. Yay for a post-baby body.

You can imagine my disdain when hubby walks in the door from work and shoots straight into the shower.

What did I get out of today? Besides a reality check on my own BO, these two artworks:



and a kiss goodnight from this face:


Bring on tomorrow!


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