What can I say? I’m camera-shy when someone else has control. Put a camera in my own hands though – and I’m a bit of a junkie. Selfie-queen,  photo-nazi, whatever you want to call it. That’s me.

The new halocase is giving me more incentive to get my camera on. Fitting snugly into my iPhone 6, you’d barely even notice it there. The phone did feel marginally bigger but I got used to it pretty quick.

The first thing I noticed was the reaction of others. It really causes a stir, particularly with the ladies. Think glamour lights around a dressing table backstage at a stage show.

It seems pretty harsh too. My phone get bashed around a bit with two young kids and so far there’s been no damage or fault caused.

The only downside for me is the on-off button on the back. If I’m using the phone with one hand only, the button is right where my ring finger sits and I found I switched it on a number of times unintentionally.


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