New year, new shoes!

By Heather Woods

Nothing makes me feel better than the purchase of new shoes. It used to be some sexy black pumps that I envisaged wearing out to dinner or some sparkly stiletto’s that caught my eye as I daydreamed of cocktails overlooking the harbour.

But these days, it’s the exercise variety that gets my heart racing. As I see the bright colours and the comfy gel soles, all I see is my freedom. A walk around the streets with my dog to clear the baby fog from my head. Down a bush track, spotting some beautiful native birds. Early morning mist and late evening dew, even the hot sun of midday.


Puddle jumping on the rainiest of days or the sweet smell of sweat during a heatwave, I just can’t seem to get enough.

It also makes it easier to face the dramas of each day knowing that at least my feet are comfortable and getting looked after!

Happy new year, everyone!



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