Talking to goldfish

By Heather Woods

We recently bought three goldfish for our two year old daughter. Just something nice and low maintenance that we could use to teach her and also something that could be used as a distraction when needed. If you’re a parent, you’ll understand that value.

Today, I found myself staring at the fish tank and the three innocent goldfish, wondering whether we had scooped up three fish that we are mates? Or maybe it was two mean fish and one nice fish? Perhaps all three were already at war with each other and now we had confined them in an even smaller home – all hell could break loose soon and we would be none the wiser.

The black speckled one does seem to go off on its own adventures, but it doesn’t look pissed off if you know what I mean. The smaller orange one seems to have a beef with the larger orange one – maybe small fish syndrome? Is that a thing?

‘What has this is taught me?’ I hear you ask? Thinking about goldfish is a waste of time. Sleep on the other hand, is important.


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