David Bowie – Musical genius

By Heather Woods

David Bowie died a while ago now. That simple sentence might have a huge impact on you, or none whatsoever. And the same goes for the many celebrities that, predictably, at some point will die.

I hear and see regular news items of various people around the world, celebrities who pass on, but they don’t always have a big impact on me if I don’t have a personal connection. Sounds awful to say that, as every life is valuable. But that’s how it is.

As a passionate music lover and a Labyrinth die-hard his death has really shaken me. I hadn’t even been born when he was at his most famous and yet through my own personal musical journey I went on a Space Oddity, loved my Golden Years and sang along with passion to Heroes. And the Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt – is there a more iconic image??


What I loved most about him is his ever-changing image. It allowed people around the world to do the same and be who they were meant to be, not just conform to what is deemed ‘normal’.

Artistic. Creative. Genuine. Spectacular eyes. An intellect that I’ll forever be envious of.

To say I’m sad is an understatement really. I’m sad for him, that his earth journey is over. I’m sad for his family. I’m sad for the music industry, losing one of the greats. And I’m sad for the musicians of the future who won’t know a world with David Bowie in it. I have no doubt his music will still be influential for many decades to come, at least I hope so.

My favourite Bowie t-shirt is in retirement for fear of it falling apart but I think today I’ll give it one last run.


So put on your red shoes and dance. Rest in Peace David Bowie.


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