Kia – MY16 Sportage SLi Diesel

The stats:

RRP $38,510

Km’s to a diesel tank: about 730, give or take.

Child car seat tethers: 3


Colour range – the range totals 7. Mostly neutrals with a blue, red and black. I had Fiery Red and loved it. Vibrant and shiny – it gave off happy vibes.

Aesthetics – Looking at this car you won’t be disappointed. It’s sexy and something I was excited to get into each time. The sleek design certainly impresses and has a streamlined feel to it. In the SUV category it’s definitely one of the better looking.


Ease of driving – this car is really nice to drive. The steering wheel and all other functions are easily within reach and the cruise, volume and phone controls are nicely fitted into the steering wheel itself. The radio screen, yes screen, is relatively easy to manage – though I suggest doing this before you start driving to avoid taking your eyes off the road. This same screen doubles as the reversing camera which comes standard – a handy little feature that gives you great vision behind your car. The safety aspect of this feature is a winner for me.

The one thing that added to my experience was the low nature of the dashboard. In some cars, you have to really sit up to see over the bonnet. The Sportage dash is very flat so there’s no disrupted vision or struggle to see over – especially good when you’re approaching a stationary car or trying to park in tight spaces.

2016 Kia Sportage SLi interior.
2016 Kia Sportage SLi interior.

Size – It’s one of the modern, gentle-giants. Not so big that is makes parking in tight spaces an issue but large enough that you feel like one of the big kids on the road. In the driver’s seat I was nothing but comfortable in the plush (fully adjustable) leather seats, but I did have a slight sensation of being cramped as I got in and out, like I was going to hit my head – and I’m only 5’5. I imagine much taller people might not feel as comfortable.

There’s plenty of boot space, so much so that you could fit luggage and a pooch if that’s your need. If you have more than 2 kids (in car seats) this isn’t the car for you – you simply won’t all fit. If 4-5 adults were travelling together it would be a squeeze, especially in the luggage department. For everyday driving, you’d all be very comfortable.

The distance from the driver’s seat to rear seat meant I could easily reach my kids if needed. A handy thing to have if you have young kids that need snacks and dvd changes en route.


On the highway – on the open road I picked up and maintained speed easily; on inclines the Sportage held its own with no complaints. The power was evident, once I set cruise control I almost felt I was crawling along. The steering was sensitive (in a good way) and I felt like I had complete control.

In the city – the Sportage really does handle beautifully. Gliding around corners, taking off quickly when merging, 3-point-turns in tight spots; absolutely no issues – I was very impressed. Blind spots are easy to check and the mirrors were sufficient enough to be comfortable knowing what was around me at all times.

Features – the radio screen displays the artist and song currently playing. For me, this is a huge deal. As a music buff, it’s incredibly frustrating when you hear a song and have no idea what it is or simply can’t remember.

All buttons on the dash are large and can be read easily, plus there’s 2 ac chargers and a usb port so no excuses for phone batteries out of charge.

The car is packed full of features that come standard and there’s a bunch of others if you feel the need. Everything you could realty want in a car though, is available.

2016 Kia Sportage SLi rear 3/4.
2016 Kia Sportage SLi rear 3/4.

For families

Car seats – I had two car seats in the back for my kids and found that I bumped my toddlers head  a few times getting in and out – there wasn’t much head space as you lift them in and out. You wouldn’t fit 3 car seats either, or a third child/person in between them. If your kids are older, then this is a great car for being a taxi service. School drop off and Saturday sport will be a breeze with the space to pack everything and everyone in.

Boot space – My pram fit easily in the boot, but if you have a large pram that needs dismantling etc, it would probably take up most of the boot space.

On the whole, this is a great car to drive. Would I buy it? Probably, if I could fit 3 car seats in it.


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