Klean Kanteen 20oz

We are often told that the key to good health is to get out and about more, and to increase our fluid intake –  I believe this to be true. Therefore I was very excited to trial the 20oz Klean Kanteen.

When it arrived, I was very impressed with its looks. I received the “Beetroot” coloured container, which was sleek and stylish.  The outside of the container had an information label that was slightly confusing as it referenced the “sport cap”, but apparently this was advertising as the bottle comes with the “no spill loop cap” as standard.

The bottle makes two main claims that of course I had to test. The first was that it keeps contents hot for 12 hours, and the second that it keeps things iced for 24.  I am very glad to be able to say that both claims held true in my experience.  Even better, with cold fluids there was no exterior condensation, so everything else in my bag stayed nice and dry.

The bottle also claims that the interior doesn’t retain or impart flavours, so I tested this too.  I filled the container firstly with fresh orange juice, which I left overnight. I then emptied it, washed it, and refilled it with plain water.  It smelled very slightly of citrus (this could also have been the scent of my dishwashing soap) but the water tasted like — wait for it — plain water!  I then repeated this test with a hot beverage (coffee) with even better results!  Also in my experience, the “leakproof Loop Cap” was indeed exactly that!


There were other features to like that I wasn’t able to test. It is BPA free, which is especially important if you are carrying fluids for young children.  I care about the environment, and the bottle is recyclable at the end of its life, however it’s unclear when that would be as the company offers a “lifetime guarantee”!

The bottle apparently wasn’t intended for the Australian market, because the information on the bottle and on the website says that it holds 20 fluid ounces or 592ml, however my experience was that I was able to empty a 600ml bottle into it with no overflow, so I consider it a 600ml container.

So overall, I was extremely satisfied with my Kleen Kanteen, and would very willingly recommend it to others!

Catie, VIC

RRP $30.95 plus postage (postage free over $50)



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