Uniden – Baby Watch Monitor

If there was ever a monitor that had everything in one little package – this is it. As a parent, it’s useful to have eyes on your kids for their safety, and your sanity, but I’ve never considered spending a fortune on a monitor necessary. This one though, really does take the cake in terms of value as it’s packed full of features.

Colour video monitor – yes, we’ve well and truly moved on from black and white. While not 100% necessary, the crystal-clear, colour-video, decently sized screen really does make it easy to tell the difference between your child’s zebra onesie and the pattered sheets. No more squinting to check what’s what.

Zoom and scan features – without doubt this is my favourite feature. When you have a two-year-old that roams the room before passing out, it’s a nice way to make sure she doesn’t trip over or move furniture into dangerous positions. I also tested this one while in the room and the camera is very quiet when scanning so you can spy and they are none the wiser.

Record feature – not something I’d really worry about, but a nice-to-have if you’re looking for recorded vision.

Temperature – most monitors have this feature now and I do find it handy. I compared this with my other room thermometer and it was mostly consistent.

Reception – I didn’t really have any issues with reception. The furthest I took it was out into the backyard and I got an ‘out of range’ error once. But I would have expected that.

Easy to use controls – some devices these days need a 4000-page user guide that doesn’t even make sense with a translator. Without even looking at the manual I had this one all set up in minutes and understood how all the features worked. When you’re sleep deprived, the last thing you want is something that needs a degree to work out.


Nightlight button – a nifty little design feature. It means one less device (if you have another nightlight) in a curious toddlers room and the light itself is nice and subtle. Plus you can turn it off from the base monitor once they go to sleep, if you don’t want it on all night.

Talk feature – another great feature. Whether it’s to reprimand a defiant toddler or soothe a newborn baby, being able to talk to them without having to actually go into the room is a bonus. Plus, it’s hilarious watching a toddler try and figure where mummy is.

Powersave option – simple, it means you don’t have a bright light shining in your face and you try and sleep. Definitely turn this on!

The unit itself wasn’t too small that it knocked over easily – the camera in bub’s room and the base unit. It was a nice sturdy size that really held its own on the nightstand and was a definite upgrade from what I’m used to. It also lasted a long time throughout the day when I needed to take it off the charging unit. I’d recommend this to any parent looking for a monitor.

RRP $349.95



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