Klean Kanteen – Vacuum Insulated Classic Flask 20oz

I was excited to try this product. I am trying to be more healthy and know that I should drink more water but sometimes I am a bit lazy. In the past if I try to take water with me I usually reuse a plastic water bottle but if I’m in the car I’m aware that leaving it in the heat can affect both the temperature and the plastic itself causing nasty chemicals to leach into the liquid. So I have to remember to take an esky to not only keep it cold but to also keep it away from the sun and heat. This then requires an effort to unearth it when I need to use it or I completely forget it’s there.

The idea that this flask fits in to most cup holders so it’s at arm’s length ready when I need a refreshing sip was very favourable. It fitted nicely and securely in to one of my car’s two cup holders beside my seat. And even when I took it with me in the car on a very warm day even though the flask got a little warm to touch on the outside the inside stayed nice and cold without adversely affecting the drink inside. I liked that the cap fits on nice and snugly. In the past some flasks I’ve tried never seem to close properly so when I try to tighten them for the last time it simply keeps winding and doesn’t seem like the thread works properly. Not so with this flask. One good turn and it was shut firmly and tightly. Having said this I was a bit scared that I wouldn’t be able to open it easily. Usually I need my son or husband to help undo tight lids or caps and if they’re not around I have a grip-assist utensil that allows me to undo them myself at home. Fortunately there were no problems opening this flask and I think the great design of the cap allows you to get a good grip to undo it even when it feels very tight.

I like the powder coated finish rather than the flask simply being a stainless steel. It gives it an air of quality and you can choose a colour you like the best or that fits in with your decor. And if you have more than one in the house everyone can have their own colour so you know which flask belongs to which person. I love the fact that it has a lifetime warranty. That not only gives me great confidence that this is a quality product and therefore likely to last a very long time but that if there are any issues I can replace it rather than having to keep buying new ones as they wear out.


However what really drew my attention with this new double-wall vacuum flask was the idea that it is multi-purpose ie great for both hot and cold liquids. It’s this brand’s classic flask given a new look that they claim will allow hot liquids to stay hot for 12 hours and cold liquids to stay cold for 24 hours. I like the idea of being able to take my favourite hot drink,  tea, out on the road when necessary. Unfortunately I’m yet to be converted to using it for hot drinks as often as cold ones. It definitely didn’t stay hot for the 12 hours it claimed and the few times I tried it it was closer to half of this time. This is fine if you’re in a hurry in the morning and just want to take your favourite cuppa with you to drink on the way to work or school knowing it’ll stay hot for that short period of time but if you want to take a drink away on holiday or an outing where you’re hoping it’ll be hot much later in the day then you’ll be disappointed. The neck of the flask always felt hot to the touch soon after filling it up so I am not sure if there’s no insulation in this part and therefore it’s losing heat through this section or it simply has better insulating properties for cold liquids. The other negative was that it still has that metallic-type taste that all vacuum flasks tend to have. It did seem a little better the more times I used it so not sure if using it more often will minimize this or not. But if it doesn’t disappear then like most thermos flasks it’s really just going to be a back up for hot drinks when there’s no other option rather than a go-to flask to use everyday. This metallic taste may be less prevalent with coffee and hot chocolate but since I don’t drink these then I can not tell.

I like the idea of recycling, reusing things and minimal packaging and try to do all this wherever and whenever possible. So the philosophy of this company encouraging us to avoid buying plastic and polystyrene cups and bottles when out and about and using this flask to bring drinks from home or use it to fill up drinks when out is great. On a recent trip to Sydney I was very impressed with the installation of ‘water stations’ on the ferries enabling commuters to refill their own bottles to save on excess plastic. While I can see the advantages, the practicalities of filling the flask isn’t necessarily as easy as you’d hope. It’s fine at home where you have plenty of room but out and about it’s a little less practical. The flask has a wide mouth which does make it easier but unless a cafe can fill your flask directly with a hot drink I believe they’ll still need to make it in a cup first and I found I needed a jug to prevent the hot liquid spilling everywhere. Even a cafe that is happy to fill a hot drink directly may have issues if the machine they use doesn’t have a low enough platform area to allow the flask to sit in there easily. I guess you could hold the flask at an angle it so it can fill up while holding it rather than leave it standing on it’s own but that can be a bit of a nuisance and potentially a bit messy.

It is BPA-free which is great and so far the claim that it doesn’t stain is true. I have used it with fruit and herbal teas, normal tea that often stains and water and there’s no sign of the previous contents or any discoloration of the interior. Along the same lines it also says it doesn’t retain or impart flavours which apart from the metallic taste from the flask itself is also true.

When I first got the flask the label showed a Sport Cap with a silicon spout which was misleading. I spent a while trying to work out whether the cap mine came with had a hidden cavity or opening with the spout inside. Eventually after no luck and checking online I discovered the classic (this model) comes with the cap it came with. Therefore I believe this is obviously advertising promoting a different cap that I assume is interchangeable with the current one. However they should have made this more clear or simply left it off the label and added the information about other lids/caps on the information card included inside the flask. While the silicon spout is not for use with hot liquids anyway I could see having the second spout would be very handy on the go. No need to stop and unscrew the current cap/lid which would save time and prevent any accidental spills.

I like this flask a lot. I’m disappointed that it’s not really suitable for hot drinks as I had hoped but I like that there is the option of a hot drink container if I need it so there is some flexibility and no need for two separate containers/bottles. I think it’s much better suited to cold drinks and purely for this purpose it is great. The drinks stay very cold for well over 12 hours which is the most you’d normally need it for and an iced tea I used it for recently showed it was still cold almost 20 hours after I put it in the flask. I added ice several times and the ice melted fairly quickly but the drink remained cold for a long, long time as promised. The flask is a good size for a decent drink or two, has a nice wide spout to allow you to refill it quickly and easily while out and about and has a good secure cap to prevent leaks. If you take drinks from home you’re going to save money by not having to buy them and if you do use it to refill at the shops or cafe’s then you’ll certainly be doing your bit for the environment. While the price is probably dearer than a standard water bottle it’s reasonable compared to other insulated flasks and the lifetime warranty makes the price even better value.  So if you’re looking for a good bottle or flask for your cold drinks, whether it be for school, Uni, work, the gym, going shopping, outings or for holidays, then this is definitely worth considering as your next and only purchase.


RRP  $30.95


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