Avila – Yoga socks

I’ve been dabbling in yoga/pilates/yogalates, you name it, for over 15 years. From  classes at the gym, private studios, classes offered through work and at home videos;  as a result I’m far from being a flexible and elastic expert – more like someone who enjoys the practice but is bound to injure themselves from not being in the correct pose from time to time. I love the time and headspace the practice gives me and especially the meditation part at the end; always a nice pick me up in the middle or end of the day.
As a result of the sporadic nature in which I’ve devoted to this practice, I’ve never really invested much more than time to do yoga/pilates when I can and wherever I can.  Always in my daggy gym clothes, sometimes on the rug at home or the well-worn yoga mat provided by the studio. The hygiene element of putting my face into the rug littered with dog hairs, crumbs and the stray hairs on the mat does occasionally cross my mind. Though, it only occurs to me now while trying the Avila non-slip pilates yoga socks that it’s not just my face that’s exposed to dirt and germs, but my feet as well. It’s also not just the mat itself, but the bathrooms and change rooms as you go through the mad rush to get changed before class starts.

Yoga socks are an item I’ve never considered a necessity as I’m happy just to get a class in when I can, but trying the Avila socks has given me a different perspective. Not only can I now balance and stand without slipping when practicing yoga or pilates, I now know there is an option to keep my feet warm in the colder months and protected from other people’s dirt and germs on surfaces that we share.

These socks are soft, comfortable and non-slip for all upright poses. There isn’t any grip on the toes so it’s still a little slippery when doing plank work, but it’s probably more about me needing to work on my core.

Am I a convert? Will I continue to use yoga socks? Probably not, it’s still a luxury and I all into keeping it simple. But if I have the time and think to grab them – then sure, it’s important to treat yourself to life’s little luxuries every now and then.


RRP $15.00


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