The Gro Company – GroHush

An ancient proverb states “There are none so blind as those who will not see”.  It would be equally true if phrased “There are none so tired as those who will not sleep”!  But what do you do if you have a tired, grizzly baby who refuses to sleep?

Well, one solution if you are at home is Ewan the Dream Sheep (  But what do you do if you are out and about with your Ewan-loving bundle of joy?

One possible solution is the Gro Hush.  Brought to you by the makers of such wonderful products as the Gro Egg room thermometer, Gro Clock wakefulness trainer, and of course the ever-popular Grobags, Gro Hush is a portable baby calmer that comes with inbuilt white noise sounds to soothe the savage sleeper — heartbeat, raindrops, and ocean waves.  The other main similarity to Ewan is that both gadgets operate on 3 x AAA batteries.

The similarities basically stop there.  Gro Hush looks a little like a loofah mitt in that it is oval in shape and designed with an elastic strap to go around the back of your hand.  The front of the mitt is padded and soft – perfect for resting against bub’s tender ears.  This cover is made out of cotton, is washable, and replacement covers are available for purchase. The volume on the Calmer is fixed at a low level (75 decibels) so that only your bub will hear it, and there’s no danger of damaging their hearing.  The unit automatically shuts off after 10 minutes to conserve battery life, which is wonderful if bub falls asleep on top of the unit and you can’t retrieve it to turn it off!  And the unit comes with its own plastic carry case to keep the unit clean and to prevent it accidentally being switched on.

But the important question is — does it work?  And the answer is: maybe!  Some babies respond better than others to “white noise”, and some respond only to certain white noises.  If your baby exclusively loves the sound of the vacuum cleaner or hair dryer, then Gro Hush is probably not for you.  Also, the unit is designed to be held against bub’s head, and some babies simply do not like things touching their ears, especially when they are tired!

Having said that, I was fortunate that my bub responded really well to the Gro Hush.  Perhaps the feature I best liked was that it worked as a security blanket for me! Knowing I had it in my nappy bag “just in case” made me feel more secure in leaving the house, even if I didn’t use it.  And being lightweight (just 107 grams) and quite compact, it was very easy to work it into my “going out of the house” kit.  So based on my own experiences with the product, I would definitely recommend it to others.  One handy tip I would mention though – prices for this product vary significantly, so shop around before you buy!  Oh, and pick up some AAA batteries while you’re out, because (as is so often the case) they are not included.


Gro Hush Baby Calmer, RRP $59.95



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