Hippybottomus – Cloth Nappies

As a soon-to-be mum, one of the first things I noticed when I attended my first baby expo was the vast array of options in the MCN (modern cloth nappy) market.  I was very eager to dip my toes into this pool and ditch the disposables, but with a new baby I kept finding “reasons” (excuses!) to delay the switch.  So I was very excited to try three nappies and inserts from Hippybotomus’s Stay Dry Naturals range.

Hippybottomus V Disposables — Environmental factors

MCNs have a good reputation for being “green” compared to the evil disposables, but in reality this isn’t entirely true.  It IS true that disposables contribute immensely to our landfills and don’t break down for absolutely ages.  On the other hand, MCNs require washing – 5 times before even being used for the first time, and then a separate rinse cycle before washing with other clothes.  This uses water and electricity – not a factor with disposables. Having said that, Hippybottomus are made from bamboo fleece in the inner layer and inserts, which is a sustainable, renewable, and ultimately biodegradable resource.  The nappies are OSFM – One Size Fits Most – so there’s no waste as bub grows.  So it’s probably more accurate to say that MCNs are the greener option, but not entirely without environmental impact.  This is true for all MCNs, not just the Hippies.

Hippybottomus V Disposables — Ease of use

When first making the transition to MCNs, there is something of a learning curve.  There’s how to prepare them for first use — not difficult, but not necessary with disposables. But where I did stumble was figuring out what all the snaps do! Thankfully Hippybottomus have a video on their website demonstrating the snaps, but it may have been better if they had ‘demo babies’ of different sizes in the video.  As a disposables-user, I also missed the wetness indicator that is standard with most disposables — though the sniff test is generally equally accurate!  And once they have been soiled, MCNs require washing and preferably drying in sunlight.


Hippybottomus V Disposables — Fashion Guide

In the fashion stakes, Hippybottomus is an outright winner!  They simply look awesome!  I trialled the “Mushroom”, “Creatures”, and “Surfboards”.  These are unisex designs, though the surfboards were possibly more on the masculine side.  However, as with all MCNs, Hippybottomus have more bulk than disposables, and may require a larger size of baby leggings/trousers/onesies.

Hippybottomus V Disposables — Out and About

I’ll be honest — I chickened out and didn’t use the Hippybottomus when out and about. The idea of having to carry soiled MCNs with me in Summer did not appeal, and the samples I trialled did not include a wetbag.

Hippybottomus V Disposables V Other MCNs — Cost.

The startup cost of MCNs is obviously much higher on a per-nappy basis than with disposable nappies, however Hippybottomus come in at less than half the price of some other popular MCN brands, meaning that in the long run – even factoring in the cost of washing – Hippybottomus come out on top.  Plus they can be used for subsequent children, or sold online to a new MCN family.

Hippybottomus — Other Factors

One of the things I truly did love about the Hippybottomus is that they are an Australian company.  The company also sells biodegradable flushable bamboo nappy liners that catch solids – this also wasn’t included in my trial products but I think it is something I would want to use with my MCNs in the future. Hippybottomus also have a nappy donation initiative where for every nappy you donate, they will also donate a nappy to an Australian or Costa Rican baby in need.  Lastly but certainly not least– I had ZERO LEAKAGES and ZERO POOPLOSIONS with Hippybottomus — a fact that sadly was not true with the CC MCNs (Chinese cheapies) that regrettably form the bulk of my MCN stash.


Hippybottomus — Conclusion.

Ultimately, the choice between MCNs and disposables comes down to personal preference.  MCNs have a higher startup cost, but overall are cheaper, greener and significantly cuter!  If you have made the decision to dip a toe into the MCN market, then Hippybottomus are one of the least expensive Australian-owned companies to play with. Based on my experience, I would definitely buy this brand again, and I can and do recommend it to others.


RRP $14.95 plus postage


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