Rosehip Plus – Cream Cleanser, Rosehip Oil & Nourishing Night Cream

I wouldn’t normally write about three products in the one review but considering these three are all meant to be used together I thought it was appropriate.

First the cleanser. I’ve always been ridiculously lazy when it comes to face cleanser however this one is enough to sway me into a more committed routine. Only a small amount is needed for a nice even coverage that feels thick when actually on your face.  The smell isn’t anything to rave about but it’s not horrible by any means and my face felt nice and refreshed afterwards. There was no residue left over either which was a plus.

I’ve never been a fan of using oil anywhere on my body, let alone my face, but only using two drops of the Rosehip Oil meant I felt and saw the benefits without looking like an oil slick had taken up residence on my face!


I’ve always had a ruddy redness to my face meaning I’ve rarely ever left the house without makeup, tinted moisturiser at the very least. But since using the oil I’ve noticed the redness drastically reduced and I have more of a fresh feeling and look. And I’m comfortable going out without anything on my face. This is great in a hot climate as it can sometimes be annoying and make you sweat more with product on your face.

The last product is the night cream. It is light on your face, lightly fragranced and again you only need a small amount. I’ve been using four small pumps and I easily get my whole face and neck covered. It feels cool on my skin and I’m not left with slimy skin, a good thing considering I use it right before bed.


These products are easily my favourite that I’ve used to date and would recommend to anyone considering to buy.


Cream Cleanser $16.95

Rosehip Oil 50ml $29.95

Nourishing Night Cream $29.95


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