Nuxe – Huile Prodigieuse Body Oil

Body Oil isn’t something I have ever really considered using, so I was tentative about using this product. It is described as a dry oil that be applied on face, body or hair; and that it nourishes, repairs and softens.

First of all, I would suggest not applying this when standing on your bathroom tiles. Any overspray makes for a bit of a safety hazard as I quickly discovered, nearly slipping over and I didn’t think I sprayed that much.

The bottle itself is a nice size but awkward to hold unless you spray every area required first, then smooth with your hands. For example, if you spray one arm and smooth the oil in, then try to spray the other arm, it’s really slippery in your hands. It can get frustrating very quickly and completely negate the luxurious experience you’re meant to be having.

I didn’t feel amazing as soon as I applied the oil (in the evening after showering), however the next morning I must say, my skin felt incredibly soft and smooth and it left me wanting to try it again that evening. I’m can’t really tell if it’s repaired anything, even after a few weeks of using it, but it definitely feels like it has more of a healthy glow about it.

It does state this can be used on your hair as well but I wasn’t game enough to try that for fear of looking too greasy.

For it’s price I probably wouldn’t be rushing out to buy it but if cost doesn’t bother you, then it’s a nice product and something different to what you usually see on the shelf.

RRP $39.99


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