Hippo Blue – Height Chart

If you want a way to keep track of your child’s growth, but also give them a product that will brighten up a room, you should give the Hippo Blue height charts a go. The ordering process is super easy and you’ll have your products in just a couple of days.

You can choose from a variety of designs which pretty much any kid will be thrilled with. I went with the Hot Ait Balloon theme. What you get isn’t just a couple of dodgy stickers. You get good quality that look pretty schmick on your wall. I would suggest reading the instructions carefully so that you don’t start sticking at the wrong height like this smarty pants did. Yes, I figured I knew best.

Luckily, the stickers peeled off very easily, and stuck down again in the  correct position with no damage. And they’ve been stuck down ever since. The real test will be when I have to remove them to paint the room shortly!

One thing that would be great as an option would be to have name tags for multiple children, so that if you were to put this in a common room you could measure the whole family on the one chart.


RRP $39.45


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