Babu – Big Babu Wrap

The Big Babu Wrap is exactly that, big! When you have a young baby that you want to keep snug and secure and asleep – size definitely matters.

At 1.2mx 1.2m, it really is a wonderful size to keep those tiny arms and legs from escaping and unsettling your baby. Being such a large size it is great for both warm and cooler months. In Winter you can wrap and use more layers for extra warmth, or simply just use as a sheet and one layer to keep them covered but still cool in Summer. I’ve also used mine as a feeding cover when out and about and a makeshift bib – it’s just so versatile.

The one I tried was white with blue stripes. Some people won’t use blue if they have a girl but I have no issues with it and wrapped away (it does come in other colours as well). It is 95% cotton and 5% spandex so it makes wrapping incredibly easy. Sometimes 100% cotton wraps don’t stay ‘wrapped’ whereas this one barely moved even when picking up and setting down my infant. The extra stretchiness made it seem a bit more solid than the normal wraps I use.

BBW blue stripe in bag

If you’re looking for something to get you through a few babies or even a gift for a friend, I would recommend this one. I find that I’m searching for it frequently and only use other wraps when this one is in the wash.

RRP $32.78


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