Hippo Blue – Lunch Bag

Credit where credit is due. The Hippo Blue website is super easy to navigate and has very clear instructions. When I went to order the Blue Lunch Bag, it was as simple as the other items I had ordered. In case you haven’t read my pedantic rant about picking a theme in my Bag post, I’ll catch you up here… (* W A R N I N G* first world problem below).

When you order one of the lunch bags you pick a theme to personalise. For example, I picked the fox theme with a cute picture of a fox, but the accompanying text says “Fantastic Mister (Insert name here)”. I thought this one was cute,  but (sorry Hippo Blue), I think some of the other themes are lame-o. Like the cactus theme which says “Stay awesome (name)” (still can’t find the relation to the cactus, I wonder if “Don’t be a prick (name)” came up in their brainstorming session…); and the butterfly and bee (or beetle, hard to tell, it was yellow and black anyway) which said “You’re so fly (name)”. They were going for an ‘Insect’ theme there, but it was a stretch to get to the fly, perhaps “The bee-utiful (name)” ? You can have that one Hippo Blue, I live to give. The images are cute enough and can stand on their own, but an option to go without the additional script would have been great as it’s inclusion might turn people off.

The bag arrived well packaged and no issues with the timeliness of the delivery. It was pretty speedy and arrived in Canberra within days of ordering, which is even more impressive than you realise when you know that the Nation’s Capital is where Australia Post decides that speedy delivery is like an ideological concept to aspire to, rather than achieve.


The lunch bag is a good size, which is great for me as I could combine toddler food and a bottle for the Little Fella. It has a side pocket for a drink bottle so you’re not using up space inside and a sturdy drawstring to keep it secure, which I thought was a great addition. The zipper is strong and I felt that it was better quality than on other lunch bags we’ve had which use a flimsier zipper – not handy when it’s already chockas and you’ve still got to fit in the fruit salad so the other mums don’t judge you at the play date when in reality you’d probably just give the kid a packet of Tiny Teddies and plonk her in front of ABC Kids because she had fruit 3 times yesterday.

I like the handle at the top and loops at the bottom too in case you want to attach it to another item, that’s a handy addition. The great thing was – the bag did what it was supposed to in that it kept things cool. To be fair we haven’t had super hot days here yet but the insulation did its job in keeping that impressive fruit cool enough to convince the kid to stop long enough to have a snack. Keep an eye out for promotions and sales (if you like Hippo Blue on Facebook you can get the updates) to get a great price and see other products.


RRP $32.00


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