Little Eyes – Cleansing wipes

Please note: the views expressed in the review below are personal opinions and should not take the place of advice from a trained medical professional.

Having a new bub has opened my eyes to a world of mucus and sticky substances!  But what do you do when your own eyes may be open, but bub’s eyes not so much?

One solution may be Little Eyes Cleansing Wipes.  One box contains 30 individually packaged wipes, which makes it convenient for on the go.  The wipes contain natural substances like water, salt, matricaria (chamomile) flower extract, and glycerin, alongside less natural substances with names that would win you big points in Scrabble!

The wipes are quite large and very damp.  The manufacturer claims that the product is hypoallergenic, pH-balanced and tearless, and my experience certainly confirms the latter.  They are also “opthalmologist and dermatologist recommended”, though it’s not clear if this recommendation comes from a governing body or just an individual doctor.  The manufacturer also says the wipes can be used as a hot or cold compress, but doesn’t say what medical condition your bub would need to have in order for a compress to be recommended.

My personal opinion:  I believe breast milk is the best first line of attack when treating your baby’s minor eye complaints.  Care Pharmaceuticals themselves warn that the wipes do not treat eye infections themselves, but rather the symptoms of the infections. Having said that, there are situations (eg. in public) where it may not be appropriate to whip out a breast and squirt your baby in the face! Or perhaps bub is formula-fed, or weaned. So as a primary treatment option, breast milk wins over Little Eyes, hands-down.  But as a secondary option, the wipes have great potential.

With a RRP of $15.95 for 30 wipes, and a recommendation of a fresh wipe for each eye, Little Eyes are not cheap. However, with luck you will not be using this product on an ongoing basis, and the wipes have a lengthy expiry date — the ones upon which I’m basing this review expire 3.5 years from now!

In short, if breast milk is an option, I would recommend using that to treat bub’s eye issues.  But if it isn’t an option, then Little Eyes make a good second choice.

RRP $15.95, or $13.99 at Chemist Warehouse.



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