Hippo Blue – Large Backpack


Handy for out and about, personalised kids bags are making a comeback and Hippo Blue are having a shot. I was excited to see how this bag would go. Cost Centre #2 (otherwise known as Miss 2, and yes, I’m Cost Centre #1) has a personalised backpack and I was keen for Little Fella* to have one of his own.

When you jump on the Hippo Blue website to order it’s incredibly easy. Despite this, I was a little unstuck at the first step because you have to pick a theme. Now, I’m the mum who’s managed to fight off every licensed kid’s product for at least the first few years until that flipping Frozen movie crept into our lives, and that was the end of it. It was like we were a normal family, doing our thing, and then *BAM!* we’re walking around quoting Olaf and have “Let it go” on repeat in the car to keep the kid quiet. While the themes are cute, they’re not for everyone and I would have loved it if I could just pick a picture instead of the accompanying writing. You then go off and pick your shape, personalise the text, pick a font and you’re ready to go.

When the backpack arrived (quickly and packaged well), I liked the sturdy canvas and the thick teeth on the zipper. The image that I’ve whinged about was a lovely gloss and well-printed and placed, so I don’t think this is going to come off in a hurry.


There are two things that drove me crazy about this bag though. When you undo the zippers to the sides they fall into the side pockets and are a bit tricky to get out (and I have little fingers, would be a nightmare with man-sized sausage digits), which wouldn’t usually be a problem. It only becomes a problem when you have a screaming baby strapped to the front of you because he’s demanding a feed, the toddler is also losing her bundle because it’s hot as hell when you decided to go to this stupid playgroup thing outdoors in the middle of summer and the flies are sticking to your face and all you want is a cool cocktail and to not be here and the kid wants her drink bottle out of the bag and you go to do it up and where the crikey hell is the bloody zipper?!!! Wasn’t that a good day…

The second issue I had with the bag is that the straps came loose way too easily. One second I’m trying to put the bag on, the next, the strap is racing down the bottom and you have to tighten it again. This happened a few times and was enough to sh!t me to tears. When you’re out and about with two little ones, you want and need reliability, not to repeatedly tighten the straps on the kid’s bag.

Hippo Blue might want to go through quality control again to look at these issues and the functionality of the product, and I would love it if they would consider adding an option to not have the kitschy themes if you don’t want to isolate buyer’s preferences.

*Not his actual name, but Miss 2 insisted upon it at the hospital and it’s kinda’ stuck.


RRP $50.00


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