Skin Food Facial Wipes


Skin Food’s Facial wipes are the best! I cannot recommend these highly enough! Being an eco try-hard, I am not usually a user of facial wipes, as I prefer to wash my face with a soap cleanser and water. I have used other wipe brands in the past and have found them to be either too fragrant, too much alcohol or drying on my skin. The Skin Food Facial wipes are the total opposite of all these complaints! Firstly, The Skin Food Facial wipes are so moist; there was no worry about them drying out as I used them or drying my skin out. They smell lovely and left my skin with a gentle fragrance after. And lastly they contain no alcohol but instead chamomile and aloe Vera – leaving my skin refreshed.

The real test for these wipes was after the day I had had my entire make up done for a video conference. I had been covered up professionally with layers of foundation and eye make up. When I came home to recover from the day I thought I was going to go through the whole packet of wipes but I only needed two! Two wipes for so much make up!! Not only are these wipes efficient but they are also are great value for money as not many are needed. I haven’t felt irritated by the Facial wipes either, which can be an issue around my eye area. The Skin Food wipes are great, they come in an easy to open and reseal pack and they also travel very well.  The small amount of wipes in the packet – 25 – suits me as I do not need to use them very often and because they are so moist I can’t imagine you would need more than two for a daily wipe off. The smaller amount also means less chance that they will dry out in the packet. Skin Food’s facial wipes are a perfect addition for my make up removal routine – even if it isn’t as often as I would like it to be!

RRP $10.19


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