OGX – Argan Oil of Morocco – Creamy Hair Butter


I made the mistake of letting TAFE students practice on my hair and now I have washed out, dry hair with split ends. It has been so hard to manage over the last couple of weeks that I even struggle to brush my hair without extreme knots. I cannot style it as normal and have to wear it tied back each day.

I’ve tried some detanglers and put in quite a few different treatments but have found no improvement until I used the OGX – Argan Oil of Morocco – Creamy Hair Butter . I have found extreme improvement in my hair after only 3 days and brilliant results after a week of using it. My hair is now easy to brush wet or dry, easy to style as normal and is starting to look so much healthier.

In a supermarket I’d most likely avoid buying the OGX – Argan Oil of Morocco – Creamy Hair Butter due to the lack of information on the packaging. I have never used a hair butter before and the only instructions were to leave in or rinse out. The ingredients were written very small and was so hard to read only to find no instructions on how much to use, how often or how to apply, there was nothing, which would make me leave the product as I have no history with hair butter and would not be confident in using it.

I chose to use it after washing my hair on wet hair and leave it in. It felt lovely through my hair and my hair brushed well straight away, it did leave a greasy feeling on my hands that I had to wash off. I found on the third day I was able to brush my hair wet or dry and not be in agony trying to get the brush through it. My hair felt fresh and healthy which was lovely. When it got wet it was like it had conditioner in it. I’m very happy with the results and will purchase this product and recommend it to others.

If I were to change anything, I’d add instructions letting people know not to use too close to the scalp as it does tend to make your hair look greasy, I corrected this when I washed my hair after day 3 and then ony used it on the bottom half of my hair. I started using a .50c coin amount on my hair but now use a .10C amount which works just fine. Excellent product.


RRP $17.99


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