Kiwiherb – De-Stuff for Kids


I really liked the packaging for this product. It clearly listed the ingredients and made me believe it was an all natural product. The instructions were clear and simple to follow. My toddler is very snuffled up in the nose and sinuses at most times and after trying a few different chemist brands I was happy to try a natural version on her to try and loosen her up and clear her out.

My toddler is 17 months and it says to give her 1ml. The bottle has a dropper to use to get the liquid out however, no matter what I did I could not get even .5 ml in the dropper, it only took a few drops in it at any one time. So this was frustrating as I had to use another dropper to get it out. When I took the lid of the bottle the first thing I noticed was the smell, it smelt very nice, inviting enough that I just had to try it for myself.

My toddler was very impressed with the taste and was always looking for more. I stuck to the instructions for over 2 weeks and gave it to my daughter 3 times a day at the recommended dose. As much as she loved to drink it, I found it made absolutely no change at all in her nose and sinus breathing. I will finish the bottle and hope to be proven wrong but I think it is not for my daughter and may benefit someone else. Based on the good ingredients in it and lovely taste that my daughter loves I don’t feel let down as it can only be doing good however I would not purchase it again nor possibly recommend it to others based on the price or outcome.

RRP $23.80


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