Garnier – Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar water _ l

We’ve been hearing about it for decades through women’s and beauty mags – first Claudia, Cindy and Elle (showing my age) and now Kendall, Gigi and whats-her-face (insert name of waify child with too much time and money) bang on about it. Take off your make-up before you go to bed. It’s the best worst kept secret. I’ve heard numerous times over the years that not cleansing the make-up off your face before you hit the hay ages you up to 10 years. (Don’t believe me – check out this scary article where some poor woman has actually tested the theory) Now, if that were literally true, technically I should look like I’ve crawled out of the crypt and on to the set of The Walking Dead.

In the interest of starting to look after my skin instead of fluking it and relying on good genes and sheer dumb luck, I was keen to try Garnier’s Micellar Water. A lady has hit a certain age where the “use it or lose it” slogan has now become more of a mantra to reality than Instagram Inspo. I’m guilty of going to bed knackered and would happily trade clean skin for an extra minute of sleep, despite the warnings of looking like one of the Golden Girls by the time I’m 35. Time to get the proverbial together.

Micellar Water seems to be the new “It” item on the beauty shelves at the moment and Garnier promises that it  “removes make-up, cleanses and soothes skin on the face, eyes and lips in one step without needing to rinse off”.

I agree that it did remove the make-up and other yukkies off my face quickly and easily. I used it both after a shower in case my cleanser didn’t do the job properly; Ok, in case I was too lazy and didn’t do the job properly; and then straight to a full face of war paint. I found that by keeping the bottle and cotton balls handy in a convenient location I was much more likely to use it. I liked that you don’t need a great deal but on heavy make-up days I would doubt that you would get 200 uses out of a bottle, despite it being a very generous size. Let’s just say that Kim, Khloe and the other K’s would be buying it by the litre.

My skin was left nice and clean, without that ‘squeaky’ feeling which is in fact terrible for your skin. I did find that I needed to moisturise afterwards to avoid dryness come the morning (I know, should be doing this anyway) but glad I gave it a shot. I would recommend adding it to your skincare regime as a quick and easy fix, even this lazy girl will try and make it routine. Now to find a night cream and actually use it…

RRP $12.99


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