Hippo Blue – Personalised story book


Hippo Blue are dipping their toes into the personalised book world, which is becoming increasingly competitive. It’s a great concept to add to your child’s love of reading, or lure them into a world of imagination and start their literary journey.

Ordering the book is as easy as pie, just pop in the child’s name, their sex and off you go! The website is easy to navigate and you can pay safely with a credit card or through PayPal. It arrived within days and was packaged safely.

The book for boys is a lovely bright yellow and the illustrations are gorgeous throughout. They kept my little one interested and the images were recognisable and educational. The story is a beautiful concept, designed to empower little ones to believe that they are special and unique, and rightly so! It delves into a fantasy world of “what if” and suggests that the little person could be, or do, whatever they wish for in life.

I do see a little hiccup however if you were ordering for multiple members of the same family, where the only difference is the “insert name here” aspect and the potential for fights between siblings “No! He’s not the very brave champion, I AM!” (insert ridiculous tantrum here…).

Not to sound like the English police, but the rhyming patterns in the book annoyed me as they were not consistent throughout. Some of the rhymes were couplets, while others were quatrains. I know, I know. I sound like a word snob (and yes I had to google what the rhyming conventions were named, and no I could not remember them from Year 7 English).

The book flowed quite nicely, with an adventure or two,
With beautiful pictures, yes, this will do!

With adventures in space, mountains and more,
Flying a plane; swimming the ocean floor.

It was easy to read, oh isn’t this nice?!
Although it’s a bit exxy, not a reasonable price.

The book is great, for a mate.

See, that was annoying wasn’t it?! Wasn’t it? OK, maybe it’s just me being a little nit-picky. I won’t let this pedantic point get in the way of what is a lovely, simple concept that would also make a great gift for someone.


RRP $30.00


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