Skin Food’s Mud & Honey Body Bar


Skin Food’s mud and honey body bar contains no artificial colour, perfumes or toxic chemicals. It is a lightly fragranced bar of soap that contains Manuka Honey and Volcanic Mud from New Zealand. The soap is a light brown colour due to the nutrient rich mud, full of natural minerals. It comes in a nicely contained cardboard box (that can be recycled) and is 85 grams in size – a long lasting size that easily fits in the palm of your hand.

I used this bar of soap for cleansing my skin in the shower but it could also be used for hand washing or even in the bath! The soap easily fits into your hand so you can rub it over your body to lather the soap or simply rub it in your hands. It is a great size and I haven’t found it to be too slippery as oval shaped soap can be.

The Mud and Honey body bar claims to be a deep cleansing soap, which softens the skin, especially caring for sensitive and oily skin. I found it to be a great cleanser, my skin felt fresh and cleansed after I used it. I did not feel the soap to be drying, perhaps the honey had an effect on my skin to help it to feel soft after I had used the soap. It would be nice if the soap had some added moisturizer to add to the amazing nutrients already.

Skin Food’s Mud and Honey body bar is an excellent cleanser, comes in a recyclable package and leaves no waste! With natural ingredients it leaves little impact on the environment during and after use. It has worked on my family’s sensitive skin.

RRP $2.89


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