Kiwiherb – Baby Balm


My son has eczema and his skin, especially around the nappy area, gets easily irritated! I have tried many different creams and balms and have not really found one that is a total cure for his skin.

I am always willing to give new things a go so that is where Kiwiherb Baby Balm comes in! This baby balm is contains calendula, chamomile and Koromiko herbs , which are all soothing on the skin. It has no fragrance, which is great as many essential oils, colours and fragrances can irritate the skin.

I really liked that it came in a small 50g tub as it fits nicely in our change table and in the nappy bag. The smaller size also means it will all be used as I have found many large tubs often get half used before they start to crust up or fill with finer germs! Kiwiherb baby balm is very easy to apply and does not leave too much of a greasy feeling on my fingers after.

While I was trialing this product I found that this balm was best used before my son’s nappy was put on. It acted as a barrier and he seemed to have less irritation between nappy changes. However, I found if his skin was itchy and I put it on he would scratch more. I am not sure why this was, perhaps the oily layer irritated his broken skin.

Kiwiherb baby balm is a good product and I will continue to use this balm as a barrier cream as it contains no petrochemicals or parabens. Hopefully as I continue to use it with every second nappy change it will lead to less irritation on my son’s skin.

RRP $19.95


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