Fab Health – Fab Iron


I’ve always had low iron and now being a mother of two with less rest time available, I have found a need to take iron supplements on top of my diet.

 Fabhealth’s Fab Iron is easy to drink and has a fruity taste. I have tried many different brands of iron supplements; some causing constipation and some tasting too much like iron! I really needed something that I could enjoy and take daily without any unwanted side effects.

The bottle was 250ml and fits easily into the fridge side door or shelf and comes with it’s own measuring cup.

I actually enjoyed drinking the Fab Iron as it tasted fairly nice and was gentle on my stomach. Not only does Fab Iron contain iron but also many other ingredients including Vitamin B &C as well as an array of herbal extracts. It is suggested that as an adult you take it twice a day & although I was hesitant to do this I did and had no noticeable side effects. Children can also take Fab Iron which is great to know as I know that many medicines don’t taste that great and therefore are impossible to get in!

Fab Iron seems to be doing the trick for my iron levels so I highly recommend trying this great product out for your overall blood health!


RRP $19.95


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