OGX – Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo


The brand is now known as OGX but was formerly known as Organix which I had heard of but never tried. I have always been partial to coconut – both the taste and the smell so I loved the fragrance of this shampoo straight away. It smelled divine and immediately made me what to use it.

It lathered up really well and with only a small amount I got good coverage all over my hair so it was very economical. The small sample bottle has lasted a long time which is a plus especially considering this brand of shampoo is not cheap. However I did manage to find it at several different stores for prices between $4 – $6 off the regular retail price and currently you can get two bottles at Woolworths for $20 which is a saving of $8 each so there’s plenty of opportunity to get it cheaper and you can stock up when it’s on special.

I liked the feel of it on my hair and liked the way my hair felt after using it. It looked and felt clean and once it dried my hair was nice and soft. My hair looked good and stayed that way the whole day. The claims that it adds strength and elasticity I can’t confirm or deny and only a longer time using it would allow me to discover whether it does indeed give my hair these properties as well as seeing if it is truly nourishing as the bottle says it is.

I was more than happy with this shampoo. It lasted a long time, felt good to use, smelled lovely and my hair looked and felt good too. I’d be more than happy to use it again but since it is at least double the price of other brands I usually use I would not rush out to buy it or change from my current brands. It may be that over time it does a better job or that if you have a particular issue with your hair it may be beneficial but for me personally it is too dear and there is nothing initially noteworthy to recommend it over other brands.


RRP $17.99


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