Skin Food – Tanning Moisturiser


I’ve never been big on tanning creams, they smell, the leave streaks and they must be full of chemicals to get that instant bronze look. I’m also not a big fan of getting a tan; I always wear sun cream and although I love the outdoors often find shade, a hat or cover up!

So when I saw Skin Food’s tanning moisturizer I was keen to give it a go.

Skin Food’s tanning moisturizer contains rosehip and almond oil – a great start as these are both moisturizing for the skin. The moisturizer is lightly fragranced with sweet orange oil, so much nicer than other tanning creams! With a scent like orange oil the last thing you think of is tanning cream – fantastic!

The packaging recommends that hands should be washed thoroughly though with the light colour of the cream and the lovely fragrance – it’s easy to forget.

Skin Food’s tanning moisturizer comes in a 200ml squeeze bottle which easily fits amongst my other lotions and potions. The cream should be applied every day, as it is a light tanning cream and needs time to build up. After a couple of weeks I have found that my skin does now have a light ‘sun kissed’ look, which is great – it is all I need to feel summery and ready for the singlet tops and shorts.

If you are looking for a tanning cream, look no further than Skin Food’s tanning moisturizer – you will need more time to build up the light tanned look so it’s not for those looking for an instant tan, but rather those ready to ease their way into summer and swimming and heat!

The light fragrance, the added benefit of high quality moisturizer within the tanning cream are all excellent reasons to build up your natural sun kissed look without having to see the sun.

RRP $14.99


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