Maybelline Rebel Bloom Lipstick – Lilac Flush


I have tried several colours in this new range of Maybelline lipsticks but this would be my favourite of the three. The first was too pale, the second was too bright and while this third one wasn’t ‘just right’ it was a lot closer to what I preferred.

Like the others it went on easily – just glided across my lips – and felt smooth and creamy. It felt like it was moisturising my lips and while my naturally dry skin still showed some blemishes the first few times, after using it several times it started to feel and look like it was helping to keep my lips moisturised and less dry and the coverage looked more even and less patchy.

I still seemed to have trouble covering the back part of my lower lip completely but patting it dry before applying did improve this. However despite being hopeful that it might stay on for a long time without needing to reapply it I was disappointed that it failed to achieve this. Simply blotting it after applying it removed a large portion of the initial lipstick and even when I then reapplied a second or third layer it did not last more than a few hours.

The colour was very bright and summery. I liked it but personally felt it was more suitable for a younger person or for the odd party where you dress up and want a matching brighter shade or something a little different to the norm. While it did not last as long as I wanted in some ways this was a bonus because the colour became more subtle and more suitable for everyday use. However seeing that it had almost disappeared after a few hours and looked like I had nothing on my lips was a nuisance especially if I hadn’t planned on carrying the lipstick with me or had forgotten to put it in my handbag to reapply while out.

Overall I loved the colour and the feel of this lipstick but would not rush to buy any of the shades in this collection. While it was creamy and moisturising, which I need for my naturally dry skin, it did not last the distance and stay on for a decent length of time. If I’m going to pay more for a lipstick then I expect it to meet all of my needs and it failed to do this. Their page states that it is ‘never dull, washed out or shy’ but for me it paled into insignificance way too soon.

RRP  $16.95


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