Skinfood New Zealand – Cleans All Cleanser


I don’t wear a lot of make-up, in fact rarely, so I don’t often use a cleanser. In the morning I usually just clean my face in the shower with water. However I was more than happy to give this a go after trying some of this company’s other products and loving them.

There is a lovely subtle citrus scent like their other skincare products which I love. The tube is a decent size, reasonably priced and easy to use. A little goes a long way so very economical. It has a nice creamy consistency and was not greasy or oily.

The cleanser contains Manuka Honey, kiwifruit and lime extracts, sunflower oil and aloe vera.
It is natural based and paraben-free and reports to be gentle enough to use everyday while leaving the skin soft and supple.

I tried it several times and both times had a slight reaction around my chin and an even slighter one on my cheeks – a little light redness and a slight tight feeling. It wasn’t excessive or a major issue and I do have very sensitive skin but I was aware of it. Even the most natural of products can sometimes contain an ingredient that I’m sensitive too and I never know until I try the product what will irritate me and what won’t. However it does clearly state that if there is an irritation to discontinue use.

I was reasonably happy with this product and if you don’t have the issues my skin does then I think you’ll love this product. Personally I would need to try it a lot longer but I already suspect that it contains something that my face is more sensitive too and therefore probably best to leave it alone. Even a slight reaction is not ideal so I think I’ll just enjoy using their other products that I don’t have any issues with and leave this product for people who simply have dry skin or want a more natural cleanser.

RRP $NZ 13.99


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