Baby Carriers Australia – Chekoh wrap


As a mum of a baby and toddler, babywearing is my saviour. I don’t know how I would have managed those early days with an unsettled newborn and clingy toddler while having to do everything that needs to be done, without it. As a result, I am getting quite a collection of slings, wraps, and carriers, and I’m always keen to try something new. So I was very excited to add a Chekoh wrap to my growing stash.

What grabbed me most about the Chekoh wrap before I had even used it was its striking design. My wrap was a navy blue tie-dye design (‘Indigo’), however there is a wide range of colours and patterns available, making it difficult to just stop at one for my collection. The range of designs available is refreshing, given that most stretchies only come in block, generally neutral colours.

Putting the wrap on for the first time is simple. The step-by-step illustrated instructions are easy to follow, and also include some important safety information. I found the Chekoh wrap easier to put on than some other wraps as it is much shorter in length, meaning there isn’t metres of fabric dragging on the ground and getting tangled up. However, even though it is a shorter wrap, I found there to be more than enough fabric for my average-sized frame, and so I imagine it would be a comfortable fit for most shapes and sizes.


Another appealing feature of the Chekoh wrap is the lightweight, stretchy fabric the wrap is made from. Not only does this make the wrap much lighter and easier to carry around with you, it also perfect for carrying your baby in the warmer weather. I find my baby can get quite sweaty in some stretchy wraps, as he is under multiple layers of fairly dense fabric. However, my son stays cool and comfortable in the Chekoh wrap, even when I have worn him on some of the warmer days we have had recently.

The Chekoh wrap is one of the stretchiest wraps I have used. This makes it very easy to get baby in and out of the wrap, however it took me some time to get the tension of the wrap right, so baby stayed snug. Although recommended for babies up to 15kg, I found that there was some sag in the wrap after some time while wearing my 7.2kg 3 month old. However, I think that with smaller, lighter babies that would not be as much of an issue, and I wish I had this wrap when my baby was just a newborn.

The Chekoh wrap also comes with its own inbuilt storage pouch, which sounds like a minor detail but is actually a really handy feature, and saved me dragging metres of fabric around with me. It folds up very compactly and easily fit in my handbag when it wasn’t in use.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Chekoh wrap. The pretty designs and lightweight fabric make it perfect for summer babywearing. I’m just sad I didn’t know about it sooner!

RRP $85.00


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