RosehipPlus – Verified Organic Hydrating Day Cream


I have very sensitive skin so need to always be very careful what I apply to my skin. I know the benefits of Rosehip Oil and having tried the oil on its own previously and not had any problems was more than happy to try this cream. The box says for optimum results to apply in the morning after cleansing and after using their own brand of Rosehip oil. However I used it simply on its own. I’m happy to report that there seemed to be no adverse reactions on my skin. There was no redness, tightness, stinging or any other problems that I normally get if my skin reacts to a facial cream or any other product.

This is made by an Australian-owned family business and claims to be 100% pure. It is Australian Certified organic with all ingredients 95% organic if this is important to you. There are no petro-chemicals, sulphates, parabens, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances.
It contains Rosehip Oil, Chamomile, Avocado Oil and Rose Geranium and is rich in naturally occurring Vitamins A, C and E plus Omega 3, 6 & 9. It purports to support and encourage a healthier looking skin by maintaining hydration, improving the appearance of dry and sensitive skin as well as minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It has a nice subtle scent, is easy to use and goes on smoothly and easily. It absorbs well in to the skin and is non-greasy. I like the way it felt on my skin and my skin did indeed feel smooth and moisturised. It seemed to keep my skin hydrated for a long time which is great and a real achievement for my very dry skin. There were no issues with any reaction on my skin even with the addition of Vitamin E which I seem to be allergic to and can sometimes cause problems as an ingredient in creams and lotions. However I did seem to have an issue with one of my eyes weeping after using this product. I have had issues with a weepy eye for many years due to hayfever and allergies but since drinking lemon juice in warm water every morning before breakfast for the last year the issue seems to have cleared up. However every time I used this cream my eye started weeping again. Not excessively but still a nuisance.

So while I loved what the cream did for my skin if this problem with my eye continues I’d be reluctant to buy and use it again. However for anyone else with dry or sensitive skin, or any skin type for that matter, I think this product is great and well worth trying. It may be a lot dearer than others of a similar size which also is a reason I would probably not purchase it again but since it is organic and only has natural ingredients then the price is less of an issue. On the plus side it seems to be very economical and lasts a lot longer than I thought it would. I also checked out prices online and saw it a lot cheaper both online and in other stores which makes it even better value.

RRP $19.95


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