Curash – Baby Care Sorbolene Cream


I had a friend recently recommend the Curash Baby Care Sorbolene Cream to me based on my dry legs and my toddlers dry legs. My toddler also gets eczema so it was a good multi-Purpose cream for me to try. With the sun coming out and the weather heating up both of our legs had been getting very dry-looking and almost scaly.

The instructions were clear to me and the ingredients were clear. I recognised a lot of the words in the ingredients but found there were a lot I did not know which makes me wary as I like to keep it as natural as possible but as Curash offer the 100% Curash Guarantee I felt confident and happy to trial it. It was a regular pump bottle which was easy to use and open. The Curash Baby Care Sorbolene Cream was thick and took a bit to rub it in. I liked how it felt on my toddler, it felt protective and layered very well but on my legs I found it a little heavy feeling and took a while to soak in.

My hands felt greasy after using it and I felt the need to wash them straight after use. In saying that, results on both of our legs were very fast. I found my legs to clear up and start to feel refreshed and hydrated which was nice. After a week of use every day I was able to skip a day here and there and still felt the benefits. My toddlers legs were instantly refreshed and back to how they should feel. I used it where she gets a little eczema and found no change at all, it was not bad but it was an ongoing small patch which seems to only clear up when I use a brand I have from the health food shop.

I would be happy to recommend this cream to others, in fact I have loaned it to a friend who has some skin issues, but I did feel the need to let her know about the thick heavy feeling it had to it. Overall I was happy with the Curash Baby Care Sorbolene cream but probably would not purchase it again.


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