Swann – Professional HD Security System


If you’ve had your home broken into or live in a high crime area, you’ve probably considered a security system. The Professional HD Security System from Swann would be an ideal starting point if you want full coverage.

Features first. There are 4 cameras and a 4 channel digital video recorder. The video quality is 3 MP HD, but in English, it’s state of the art. And each camera has a microphone so you have audio at each location, if you choose, that is really clear.

1TB of HDD means you can record for quite some time (about 24 days) without running out of space and then you can choose specific sections of video and transfer to USB if required. Handy if you do have suspicious footage and need a professional opinion or assistance.

Day and Night vision is important so that you can feel safe 24 hours a day and see any boogeymen lurking around in the wee hours. The night vision took me a little getting used to, but it was clear once I knew what I was seeing. The cameras are weather proof too so you really can set them up wherever you like, indoors or outdoors.

Setting the unit up and finding the right spot for each cable was relatively straightforward. The area I struggled was getting the cameras up and connected. I wanted the cameras on the outside of my home, which meant running the cables up through the roof and then back down into my lounge room to connect. It meant having cables running across my lounge floor to connect the unit with my internet connection, but still connect to the tv. Not ideal, especially with young kids. I’m sure a pro would have done it differently but this is meant to be a DIY kit. The unit itself I was connecting to my main tv – I would suggest having a small tv unit that you dedicate to this unit and leave connected closer to the internet connection so it’s out of the way.

The app is relatively easy to use, once you get through the set up. So you can monitor your home even when you’re not there, and on either iOS or Android. I could see each camera so long as I was connected to either wifi or my mobile data, but wifi definitely worked better.

Having the unit set up gave me real peace of mind knowing that at the very least, hopefully the cameras would deter any would-be thieves. Having such a clear view around my property was appealing too, though I did find I was constantly looking at it, making me a bit obsessive. I think once the novelty wore off it would be a practical security system to have. It isn’t cheap but I feel it’s a worthwhile investment if you are genuinely concerned about security and plan the set up and logistics in your home appropriately. It doesn’t require an electrician but someone who knows their way around your home wouldn’t go astray.

Free Lifetime Support means you can get help if you ever need it, something that adds a lot of value to this package.


RRP $1299.95


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