Minimonkey – Mini Chair


What an excellent invention, a very well thought out and cleverly made design that is affordable and great value for money. I recently came home from a month away with my toddler and the Minimonkey Mini chair would have made life so much easier on the road trip. There were many days where meals consisted of eating out and with many highchairs not having straps my climber of a toddler was always trying to escape.

The Minimonkey Mini chair would have solved this issue by strapping her in or giving the option of seating her safely elsewhere, oh the possibilities. The Minimonkey mini chair is a well thought out neat design with strong support handles and quality connector clips. The material was soft and sewn well with no faults in sight. The instructions on the box were clear and I was able to use the Minimonkey Mini chair without issue. It was easy to assemble while my toddler was sitting in it and I could tell it was strong, supportive and most of all, comfortable for my toddler.

The Minimonkey made it possible for her to sit up at the table with everyone without having to be in a high chair. I also trialed the Minimonkey Mini chair in the highchair as my toddler has started to climb out of it as the straps are broken and the Minimonkey Mini chair was effective and solved this issue by keeping her safe and tightly strapped in. It never phased my toddler with a new strap around her and she was not able to undo it herself when she tried. I love the fact it folds up small so I can carry it in my nappy bag and use when out and about. The box does say for use up to 20kgs, my toddler is 10Kg’s and I struggle to see how it would hold her at 20Kg’s but by the time she is that size I’m guessing I would not have any need for the Minimonkey mini chair.

I highly recommend this product as it is safe, smart, affordable and very clever. I think it is great value for money and a definite “must have” when you have a toddler who is a climber or if going on holiday. The Minimonkey Mini chair was easy to hand wash, the material was easy to clean and the food marks came out easily. I had a visitor with a 7 month old who used the Minimonkey Mini chair recently at my house on a small kids table and chairs and it was just perfect. This infant could not have sat up at the kids table with the other children and eaten without assistance from an adult but luckily with the help of the Minimonkey Mini chair this was possible. My visitor friend is now on the look out to purchase one. I have since recommended the Minimonkey Mini chair to other friends already and so has my friend based on the smiles and fun had with the children today.

RRP $39.90


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