Skin Food – Nourishing Moisturiser


Looking in the mirror I see dry skin that can be oily or can be sensitive – so overall it’s a confusing face I’m looking at. I need to think about the products I put on my face, not only for the sake of my skin but also the sake of my overall health and eco consciousness.

Skin Food’s nourishing moisturizer ticks all these boxes not only on paper but also when used.

Skin Food’s nourishing moisturizer contains a myriad of natural ingredients that help to nurture the skin and keep it moist. When I first used this product I was concerned that I did not need a toner before I applied as I have always been told this should be part of my routine. However, after consulting the website I could see that there was no toner in the product list so I felt that I could do without it.

The cream was easily applied onto my skin – it was not too oily or too thick and glided over my skin; absorbing easily and not being too excessive. I found the scent of the moisturizer a little overpowering when I first applied – I’m not sure what the particular scent was but it soon dissipated so it did not continue to bother me.

My skin has continued to feel healthy and moisturized while I have used this product and although I do miss using my toner I am coping without it as I trial this product. I love that the packaging is recyclable and the product sustainable. Skin Food has made another great product that I plan on continuing to use!

RRP $13.99 NZD


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