Hydrolyte – Orange Flavoured Electrolyte Solution (4x 250ml pack)


My son does a lot of exercising these days and with the weather warming up he has two reasons to need to replace lost fluids and electrolytes through sweating.
We hadn’t tried these products and haven’t been sick in a long time therefore there has been no reason to buy something like this so I was more than happy to try it out in case there’s a more pressing need in the future.

My son tried both the newer Blackcurrant and Apple Flavour and this is the more traditional one. He liked both but said he preferred this Orange flavoured one. He said both had a slightly sour taste but he still liked the taste of each one. I had a sip of both and found they were both quite sweet but the orange one was slightly less sweet, more palatable to me and the one I preferred.

Both flavours come in this new smaller four bottle pack which means there’s less waste compared with the larger bottles and and it’s a more convenient size to drink straight from the bottle. It’s also handy if you need to take it with you to either the shops, on an outing or on holiday. Since it’s ready-to-go there’s no need to mix up a powder and it can be taken as soon as the need arises, either as a liquid or frozen into ice blocks which children seem to love.

As to how effective it is we can’t really say. I have no young children who have been sick to see if they improved after drinking it. My son said for him there was no perceivable difference after taking it compared to days when he just drinks other fluids. Last time he tried the other flavour after recovering from a cold virus and doing exercise he ended up being sick later that night, but we have no way of knowing whether it was the effects of the drink or some other issue. However this time he was fine and there were no problems.

This is not cheap and I’m not sure I’d purchase it again unless I or someone I knew was very sick and couldn’t take any other food or liquid and needed an alternative. However the individual bottles make it both more convenient and more economical than the larger bottles previously available and it is easier to use than a powder version. The orange flavour was a hit in our house so definitely is the preferred flavour of the two we tried. This is good to keep in the cupboard for an emergency but like any products of this type they need to be administered carefully. They are fine for minor illnesses but if vomiting or diarrhea continues then you need to seek medical advice especially in young children or the elderly.


RRP $15.99


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