Baby Carriers Australia – Beachfront Baby Water wrap


Babywearing is such a special and convenient method of being mobile with your baby. Just because you step off land into some water doesn’t mean that experience should stop.

The wrap itself is a wonderfully soft 100% polyester right out of the box, so it stretches and breathes at the same time. It also dries very quickly. You don’t want to be lugging around wet towels and a heavy wet wrap!

I’ve used this in swimming pools for my newborn and she loved being in the water and staying so close to me. I was also more confident knowing she wouldn’t slip under. The first time it didn’t feel that secure and felt like she was sagging a little. I had to re-tie it, but I think that was more user error than a problem with the wrap itself. The instructions helped tie it correctly.


It’s also great for everyday use in the shower, I even put my two year-old in it as she isn’t used to balancing on the slippery tiles yet! It was a squeeze but I got her up and in! She would be right on the weight limit and didn’t feel quite as secure, I felt like I still needed one arm around her.

It is lightweight, so isn’t cumbersome when you have it on and it folds up nice and compact for carrying around.

One of the best things about this wrap, it can go straight into the washing machine and then the drier afterwards, a godsend for any mum – no fuss.

As with any babywearing product there are fall and suffocation hazards so read the accompanying instructions carefully.

They come in a range of colours and for their price are really good value. You’ll get lots of use out of them.



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