Skin Food – Exfoliating Scrub


Skin Food’s exfoliating scrub is a paraben free product that uses walnut shell as the exfoliator! It comes in a 100ml squeeze tube and comes out easily without clogging up as time goes on. The tube fits easily amongst my other cleaning products, not taking up too much room or falling over too often. The tube snap -top lid also means that there is no spillage or a lid to close.

When applied the scrub has a light scent of lime and honey, which is refreshing and soothing. Using a product that is exfoliating my skin which smells natural is important to me as I am conscious of how much can pass through my skin into my body. With so many products around that use different chemicals, Skin Food’ products give me the peace of mind that I need.

I used about half a finger length of the exfoliating scrub and was able to clean my whole face. My face is combination oily and dry so a lighter product is something that works well for me. It rinsed off well and left my skin feeling fresh and clean. Exfoliators always leave a bit behind around my hair line but this seems to be a common problem (or maybe it is just me).

The Walnut shell exfoliated my skin and left if feeling scrubbed clean – not too harsh or too soft – just right! This exfoliating scrub could be used daily as I do not feel like it is ripping my skin off.

Skin Food’s exfoliating scrub combines well with the Skin Food nourishing moisturiser. It is a cleanser that I would use at least every second day to cleanse my skin without leaving it too dry.

This is another great product by Skin Food – a natural based, paraben free skin caring product that can and should be part of anyone’s skin care routine.

RRP $13.99 NZD


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