Saltie Soul – Charcoal Sea Scrub


Saltie soul’s Charcoal sea salt scrub is a new and exciting product that contains all natural ingredients including sea salt, sugar and charcoal.

The packaging is interesting to say the least. There are quotes, statistics, adjectives and advice written all over the brown paper packaging which makes it a fun item to have in the shower with you! However, the packaging is a little bit tricky; it doesn’t always re-seal  that well so needs to be placed out of waters way immediately after you scoop the salty goodness out of it. I have had this product for around a month and although it has not always sealed well it still works well and feels great.

The scent is light and smells like salt, sugar and charcoal. It is refreshing to have a product that is not heavily scented but rather scented with the ingredients goodness!

The packaging does say the scrub is intended for men and ideal to use prior to shaving but I gave it a go anyway, with the help of the man in my life. I found the Saltie Soul Scrub to be invigorating and really get into my skin, making it feel cleansed. I used it on my face and body whilst in the shower. The salt does disintegrate once moistened so I recommend grabbing your handful out of waters way and even rubbing it on yourself out of the water to start just so you can maximize the scrub.

It did not feel like my skin was being dried out but instead it left a nice oily feel after. The man in my shower commented that it was just like big bits of salt being rubbed over his body but it was handy that he was able to scrub my back, giving those flaky oily skin areas a good clean.

Made in Australia with no nasty chemicals or preservatives and being ocean friendly this Saltie Soul scrub is an ideal addition to the bathroom. It is even better if there is someone around to scrub your back!

RRP $17.99


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