Holy Smoke – Birdwood speaker


It’s funny if you look back at the evolution of the speaker. They started enormous, shrunk down to minuscule proportions and now they’re on the increase again.

Being an avid music lover, I’ve had numerous stereo systems and sets of portable speakers in my time but this one is definitely one of my  favourites.

I timed the speed with which I could complete the set up.  From opening the box to music blaring and it took me about four minutes.That’s impressive.

A simple pairing of my iPhone by Bluetooth to the speaker and that’s it. It does come with the old school jack if that’s more your style as well. It also has a guitar outlet if you’re a musician wanting to make some noise or you can hook it up to a tuner. I went away for a few days while trialling this and my house-sitters thought it was a radio – I would have paid good money to watch them trying to make it work!


The size of the speaker is great but I guess it depends on what you want to use it for. As something nice and subtle that would fit in with the decor of pretty much any room  you’re all sorted.  But it’s not really something you would take to the beach or on a picnic, besides it needs power.

The volume goes loud but I have had louder before, so unless I did something wrong or there was more to the volume control than I could find, I’d have wanted a bit more.

Rosegold seems to be the ‘in’ colour these days and the fixtures mixed with the cream coloured vinyl makes this a nice little lifestyle piece. It isn’t overly heavy or cumbersome either so it can be moved around easily.


In terms of the price I think you’d have to be fairly committed to what you’re listening to or like focus pieces in your home. As much as I love this I probably wouldn’t be rushing out to buy it simply because of the price, the speaker itself is great. But if you have some cash handy or are due a sizeable gift, perhaps add this to your list. It’s a great little treat!


RRP $399.95


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