Skin Food New Zealand – Lip Balm


It had been a cold windy day. I had been in and out of the rain, chasing children around the house and feeling run down. I had tickets to a concert so not only needed energy but also needed to look and feel great! Dinner solved the energy problem and then Skin Food’s products came to the rescue. After an exfoliating scrub and a moisturizer I noticed my lips needed some pampering so I applied my new product – Skin Food’s Lip Balm.

Skin Food’s lip balm with cocoa butter is a luxurious creamy balm that glides on smoothly. This lip balm is moisturizing and has a lovely lemon scent that lingers for a short time on the lips. I found I didn’t need to reapply any lip balm until after all my singing and dancing; so I can safely say this lip balm lasts for quite a while.

Skin Food’s Lip Balm comes in a small and easy to store cylindrical container. The lid pops on and off easily and remains sealed when not in use. The balm stick is easy to move up and down with a simple to use circular base.

Skin Food’s lip balm is not one that I feel I need to continually keep reapplying. It does not feel sticky or drying. The scent is appealing and not overpowering like many other lip balms.

I also liked that the Lip Balm container was white as I found this colour easier to find in the depths of my bag over a darker colour.

Skin Food’s lip balm is perfect for dancing in the rain and singing along to your favourite tunes; Paraben free so great for the environment and you!

RRP $4.99 NZD


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