Eau Thermal D’Uriage – Uriage Thermal Water


I have not tried thermal waters before but was very keen to after hearing favourable reports. This one says is it is hypoallergenic and an ‘everyday skincare water for sensitive skin’ which is what I need as I have very sensitive skin. I am always a little hesitant using anything new on my face which is the most sensitive part of my body so was happy to report there were no problems. Having had a lot of unusually hot weather recently I had hoped it would be a real bonus and I wasn’t disappointed. I sprayed it on and immediately felt much cooler. Not only does it cool but it also hydrates, soothes and has anti-free radicals action.

It’s simple to use – as the tin says ‘just spray and let it act’. It emits a fine spray that you don’t need to wipe off. There is no sticky residue and it is quickly absorbed in to the skin. It comes in different sizes and while this smaller size might be a little dearer than other similar products it is very convenient; it’s the perfect size to pop in to your handbag to have on hand when you need it.

This product uses pure thermal water from the French Alps and is ‘packaged directly at the source’ so is 100% natural meaning it’s free of preservatives and other ingredients that may have negative side effects. It is naturally rich in mineral salts and trace elements and supposedly is the most balanced of all thermal waters. The high content of calcium and magnesium salts are what help to moisturise and soothe so as a recent convert to using magnesium and a magnesium spray in particular for the many health benefits I was more than happy to read this. It also supposedly provides a ‘32% increase in skin hydration one hour after applying Uriage Thermal Water’ and moisturises for up to three hours which is a huge help if you have very dry skin like I do. Not only does is it good at moisturising, refreshing and hydrating the skin whether it’s naturally dry or you work in an air-conditioned environment that dries out your skin but it also claims to soothe and protect troubled skin and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It also helps to soothe and calm red patches or sunburn and is very cooling and soothing on hot days.

It is ideal for both the face and body and the other minerals help to protect the skin from free radicals that can help age the skin. While I don’t use much make-up or a toner it’s also meant to a good replacement for a toner and can help to set make-up. Other reported uses are to soothe and moisturise the skin after hair-removal, calm razor burns and provide immediate relief from nappy rashes.

I loved this product. While it is a little dearer than other similar brands it’s only marginally more. It’s suitable for all skin types but especially helpful for those with sensitive skin or very dry skin like mine. It has multiple uses and numerous benefits which makes it even more convenient and more economical. It was very cooling, soothing and seemed to be good at moisturising and there was no irritation or other adverse affects. Only long-term use would show me how effective it was at anti-aging and some of the other benefits but for now I highly recommend it.


RRP $10.95


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