Eleven Australia – Miracle Hair Treatment


I’ve tried many different products over the years to tame my wild mane, I was blessed with frizzy, curly hair that I much prefer to be as straight as I can get it. So when I was given this sample, I was dubious to say the least.

I had an upcoming hair appointment so I thought I’d wait until that was over before I tried this. By sheer coincidence, as I was sitting in my salon chair, right there on the shelf was Miracle Hair Treatment from Eleven. It was certainly going to be a good comparison of how my hair felt after a salon using it versus myself using it.

I left the salon feeling very satisfied with smooth straight hair (after blowdrying as well) that lasted about 4 days before I needed to wash and start again. After washing, I added some Miracle Hair treatment and also blow dried my hair. Granted I didn’t do as good a job as the salon (who can?!) but it was still way better than normal. The little annoying fly-aways didn’t take over as quick as usual and my hair seemed to have a little more life in it, it was brighter too.

The next time I tried it I just added it to my hair after a wash and let my hair dry naturally. My hair was nice and wavy without as much frizz which I didn’t mind. In fact I could probably be convinced to not straighten it every day knowing that I could at least control it better, which would definitely save me time. I didn’t use much of the product to achieve this, but as I only have a sample size I can’t tell how long 1 bottle would last me. For it’s price, I’d hope it lasted a while.


RRP $24.95


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